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New Specialty Drinks That Slow Down the Clock


Sometimes you just need a minute–or thirty of them–to regroup, take in the scenery, watch the world go by, or just be. For just these moments, we introduce these time-stopping drinks inspired by how other countries slow it down and enjoy life!

Café Bombon traces its roots from Valencia, Spain. Because of its widespread popularity, Bombon is now found in many variations in different parts of Europe and other countries. Traditionally, its comprised of espresso mixed with sweetened condensed milk in a one-to-one proportion. To emphasize the visual appeal of the drink, it is served in a glass, so you can see the dramatic divide between the condensed milk and the espresso. 

Café Con Leche is Spanish for “coffee with milk.” This Spanish drink is similar to an American latte and consists of a bold espresso, mixed with scalded, no-foam milk in a one-to-one ratio. Sugar or sweetener is then added according to taste. Café Con Leche is extremely common in Spain, Latin America, and other Hispanic communities around the world.

Viennese Crème is a popular and traditional cream-based espresso beverage. In Vienna, coffee isn’t guzzled down or enjoyed from paper cups; coffee is a way of life and a distinct and essential part of local culture. Grooveground serves a variation on the traditional recipe with two shots of strong black espresso brewed over vanilla bean ice cream, topped with whipped cream, and a few whole espresso beans for aroma and garnish. This is truly a beverage to be savored.